November 1, 2004 - Volume 6 No. 2

20 Years of Family Medicine
In Cuba

At the tender age of 20, Cuba’s family medicine model is already a powerhouse in public health. Read here how doctor and nurse teams are improving health and well-being island-wide.


Cuban Doctors Give ‘Help
with Dignity’
in Gonaives

Through unstable and tragic circumstances, Cuban doctors continue to attend to the storm-worn population of Gonaives, Haiti. MEDICC Review is there.


Smoke Signals: Kicking Cuba's Cigarette Habit

With tobacco in hand, the indigenous Taino watched Christopher Columbus alight on Cuban shores; read how a new anti-smoking campaign attempts to reverse centuries of traditional habit.

Editor: Gail A. Reed, MS - Associate Editors: Michele Frank, MD; Conner Gorry
Contributing Editors: Diane Appelbaum, RN, FNP, MS; Debra Evenson, JSD
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