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First Year of Life in Cuba

A Conversation with Internationalist Aleida Guevara, MD

The Skin-to-Skin Method (Kangaroo Care): Age Adjusted Evaluation of
at One Year

Well Babies: Cuba's National Program


And in this month's medical news...

Cuban Nephrologists Present
Isle of Youth Study at Nephrology 2005

Reporting on what international experts are calling a groundbreaking study for prevention of chronic kidney disease, Cuban nephrologists presented initial findings of the Isle of Youth Study (ISYS) to the 9th Central American and Caribbean Congress on Nephrology and Hypertension (May 14-18, Varadero, Cuba). ISYS is the "flagship" in a trilogy of Cuban population-based studies aimed at identifying risk markers for chronic kidney disease (CKD), and their association with the development and progression of related conditions such as cardiovascular disease...

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