March, 2005 - Volume 7 No. 3

MR Features
Profiles in Commitment: Conversations with ELAM Students

See what the world's future doctors educated at Cuba's Latin American School of Medicine have to say about fighting dengue; health inequities; why Cuban healthcare is different; taking the USMLE's; and their motivation to serve.

International Cooperation Report
University of The Gambia: Medicine Seemed the Place
to Start

In the tough battle against brain drain, 2005 will go down in history as the year
the first physicians graduated from the University of Gambia; hear from the professors, government officials, students and Cuban health professionals helping to make it a reality in this article.

Headlines in Cuban Health
Sixth-Year Medical Students Return Home for Internships

Hundreds of sixth-year students from the Latin American School of Medicine from the seminal class of 2005 are already providing health services to their fellow citizens in their home countries; read about the landmark program here.

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