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Cuba Tackles Diabetes
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Cuba Tackles Diabetes

Cuban Innovation in Diabetic Foot Care

Evidence for the Hygiene Hypothesis of Type 1 Diabetes Causation

Using Nuclear Cardiology to Detect Silent Ischemia in Diabetics

Birth Defects & Oxidative Stress in Pregestational Diabetes

Four Decades of Kidney Transplantation in Cuba

Cross-Modal Plasticity in Sighted Deaf Children


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Table of Contents
Diabetes: The Shark in the Water
Peer Reviewers
Peer Reviewers 2012
Letters to the Editor
Immunodiagnostics: The Convergence of Biotech and Public Health
Aramís Sánchez Gutiérrez MS and Conner Gorry MA
Special Article
Heberprot-P: A Novel Product for Treating Advanced Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Jorge Berlanga DVM MS PhD, et al.
Original Research
Cross-Modal Plasticity in Deaf Child Cochlear Implant Candidates Assessed Using Visual and omatosensory Evoked Potentials
Lidia E. Charroó-Ruíz MD MS, et al.
Review Article
Four Decades of Kidney Transplantation in Cuba
Jorge P. Alfonzo MD PhD
Evidence of Association between Type 1 Diabetes and Exposure to Enterovirus in Cuban Children and Adolescents
Luis Sarmiento MS PhD, et al.
Usefulness of Nuclear Cardiology Techniques for Silent Ischemia Detection in Diabetics
Amalia Peix MD PhD DrSc
Oxidative Stress and Birth Defects in Infants of Women with Pregestational Diabetes
Sonia Clapés PhD, et al.
Mother’s Milk Still Best—and We Must Do Better
Nélida L. Sarasa Muñoz MD MS PhD
About the Contributors
About the Contributors
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