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Review Articles summarize findings on a particular subject related to population health or clinical medicine, with preference for topics relevant to improving quality of care or quality of life for developing countries or medically underserved populations. These may also be retrospectives on the history of medicine, public health or medical education globally, regionally, in Cuba or another country. The text is limited to 5000 words (6000 in Spanish), plus 5 tables/figures/images and no more than 50 references. All submissions to this section are subject to double-blind peer review.


Maximum length 5000 words (6000 in Spanish). Submit in MSWord, single-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman. Do not use any preset or automatic formatting or style features. All macros must be disabled.

Title Page

  • Title
  • Names, degrees and institutional affiliations of all authors. Lead / primary author’s name should be listed first. (See Definitions of Author & Contributor).
  • Contact information for the lead or corresponding author (email, mailing address, and work/home/cellphone numbers).

The abstract must include: Introduction (context and importance of the review); Objective (purpose of the review); Evidence Acquisition (data sources, selection and access methods); Results (main findings, based on strongest evidence), and Conclusions (discuss possible application of current knowledge). Abstracts should accurately reflect the content of the manuscript, and are limited to 400 words.

Provide 3-10 keywords.  See Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) list.

Body Text

  • Introduction: indicate the national, regional and/or global context of the specific topic reviewed, and why this review is important.
  • Objective: State the specific purpose of the review— in question form if appropriate—and the scope, which may include factors such as cause, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy or prevention, as well as information about the population, intervention, and outcomes.
  • Evidence Acquisition: Summarize data sources, selection criteria, and methods used to access them. Describe inclusion or exclusion criteria for studies reviewed, as well as criteria for weighing the strength of the evidence. You are not expected to carry out a systematic review of all the literature, but to base your review on a comprehensive understanding of the existing literature and to consult systematic reviews such as Cochrane and others.
  • Results: Highlight the main findings based on the strongest evidence. Indicate where evidence may be lacking or weak, or where studies on the same subject diverge in their findings.
  • Conclusions: Clearly answer the question posed, if applicable, and discuss possible application of current, evidence-based knowledge. Clarify if your conclusions are country or region-specific.

Mention individuals who contributed to the manuscript, but whose contribution does not justify authorship. Financial and material support should also be acknowledged. (See Definitions of Author & Contributor).


Include no more than 50 references. These should include the most current relevant literature and wherever possible refer to original research rather than review articles. References should be numbered consecutively in the body of the text and appear within brackets, for example: [2].The list of references cited should appear at the end of the text, after the Conclusions.

MEDICC Review follows a standard citation style. See Citing Medicine, The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. For abbreviations of journal titles cited, see Index Medicus


Submit a maximum of 5 tables and/or figures or images.

All files must be submitted digitally. Files should be named for easy reference (example: Pérez Fig.1.jpg).

Images may be in grayscale or color (ideally CMYK, though RGB files are acceptable). Do not send GIF images or files in 256-color format.

Number consecutively in order of appearance in the text. Include title and data source. Submit in a separate digital file.  

Number consecutively. Include title and data source. Submit as separate files in the format in which they were originally created. MEDICC Review accepts: 1) original files in Illustrator, Corel Draw, MS Word, Freehand, Excel or PowerPoint; 2) as postscript files (*.ps); or as 3) bitmap files.

For bitmap files: send in Tiff (*.tif), Adobe Photoschop (*.psd), JPEG (*.jpg), PDF (*.pdf) or Photoshop EPS (*.eps), with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), uncompressed.

Images & Photographs
Image resolution must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). Accepted formats include: TIFF (*.tif), Adobe Photoshop (*.psd), JPEG (*.jpg), PDF (*.pdf) or Photoshop EPS (*.eps).

Do not imbed images or photographs in Word documents, since resolution will not be adequate. Likewise, do not send images or illustrations downloaded from the Internet.

Include appropriate credits and captions.

Authors must guarantee in writing that they have the right to publish photos and images subject to copyright and that they alone bear full responsibility in case of infringement, exonerating MEDICC Review of all responsibility.

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Units of Measurement
Use those established by the International System of Units (ISU); measurements should be in metric units; temperatures in degrees Celsius. NOTE: In decimal units, use periods, not commas, as follows:  0.15 or 3.1%, etc.

Author Agreement & Conflict of Interest
Sign and submit with your manuscript the MEDICC Review Author Agreement, which includes the Conflict of Interest Declaration.

Read MEDICC Review’s Conflict of Interest Policy carefully before submitting your Author Agreement form. Full disclosure of any relationships that could be perceived as potential conflicts of interest must be indicated. Conflict of interest can be financial, personal or professional. The editors will publish all declared potential conflicts of interest.

Submission Checklist

□ Title Page with correct contact information

□ Manuscript text in MSWord 12-point Times New Roman (maximum length 5,000 words or 6000 in Spanish plus references)

□ Tables in separate file

□ Figures in original format and separate files

□ Images in separate files

MEDICC Review Author Agreement, including Conflict of Interest Declaration (signed by all authors and scanned for submission)

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically to:

Useful References

Citing Medicine, The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals

MeSH (Keyword Headings)

MEDICC Review Author Agreement

MEDICC Review Editorial Ethics

Author’s Copies

Lead authors will receive 5 complimentary copies of the issue of MEDICC Review in which their work appears. Each co-author will receive one copy.